How do I create a new post?

  • 20 April 2021
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This guide will walk you through how to create a new post and share some best practices along the way. Let’s dive in!


Before creating a new post, please use the search bar on the community homepage (on the bench) to determine if the content you are looking for is already available. Your search results will pull relevant content from both the Community and Knowledgebase in an attempt to surface exactly what you are looking for. If your search is unsuccessful, please use the following steps to create your post.


1. Select + New Post

From any page in Docebo Community, you can always select + New Post in the top right to create a new post.

Select +New Post in the top right


2. Select the type of post you’d like to create

Here you will be presented with three options: a Question, Conversation or an Idea. Please note, the default selection on a new post is Question so be sure to change this if you are posting a Conversation or Idea. Also, if you are in a specific discussion category and you click on New Post, the Category field will automatically populate that Discussion Category so be sure to adjust if needed.


Discussion category auto populates if you click +New Post from within that category. Be sure to adjust accordingly!


Here’s what to consider when selecting your type of post:



Posting a Question signifies to the community that you are looking for a solution to your specific question or problem. This does a few things for the community:

  1. Signifies to Docebo that you have a question – our moderators will be alerted that you submitted a question and can work to help you find an answer
  2. Signifies to the community that you need help – Questions appear in the Unanswered Questions section on the homepage and are labeled throughout the platform with a  ?  icon.


  1. Lastly (and most importantly!), once a solution to the question has been found, it’s the author’s responsibility to select it as the Best Answer. By doing this, the solution reply moves up directly underneath the question for easy reference so members don’t have to scroll through all of the replies to find the solution. See below screenshots for how this looks
Click ‘Best answer’ on the solution reply
When ‘Best answer’ is selected, it moves the solution directly under the question



Posting a Conversation signifies to the community that you’d like to share something and, well, start a conversation. This may still be in the form of a question, but you’re not looking for a specific answer. Rather, you want to gather a collection of thoughts and brainstorm with others. For example, here are some questions that would actually be a Conversation post:

  • Does anyone have any recommendations on…?
  • Can anyone share what they’ve done…?
  • Who has experience with…?



If you have not been able to find the same or similar idea after performing a search, you can create a new idea. However, please read this informational post before creating your idea as it outlines the 3 things you should do before submitting a new idea as well as our commitment to your ideas.


3. Create a title for your post

Make sure your title is easy to understand and clearly summarizes your objective. 


4. Browse Related posts

Once you add a title, you’ll see a list of potential related posts that are recommended based on the key words in your title. If you have not already performed a search for the content you are looking for, please ensure you look through the related posts to avoid duplicating content that might already exist. 

There is already a question on the same topic, take a peek before creating your own to see if it’s what you are looking for!


4. Add your description

The more thorough you are in your description, the easier it will be for the community to help you.


5. Select your category

This can either be a Discussion Category or a group that you have joined.


Selecting a group for your category will result in only that group receiving a notification for your post. It’s a best practice to share questions in Discussion Categories when you need an answer promptly.


6. Add your tags (optional)

Tags help organize content for future community members who might face a similar issue. Our moderators can always help you by adding tags after you post, so don’t let the tags get in your way of asking your question. Whatever first comes to mind is usually best for tags.


7. Select Create


👏 You did it! You created a post in Docebo Community. Care to post another? I’ve heard it’s even more rewarding the second time.

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Hello there 😊

  1. What's your name? Wendy 

  2. What's your job title and industry? I’m currently a Jr. Instructional Designer in the cybersecurity space.

  3. How long have you used Docebo? Just about a year now. 

  4. Where are you located? Detroit, Michigan

  5. In your opinion, what is the most underrated Docebo feature? Too new to know but looking forward to finding out.

  6. If you could have any one superpower, what would it be? To wave a wand that would allow people to heal their traumas through helping others. 

  7. (optional) What’s an interesting yet little-known fact about yourself? I trap, neuter and re-release community cats.
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