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Task list widget - changing the tab title text

  • 17 May 2023
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Hey there community, I was wondering if any of managed to change the text on the “task list widget” tabs. 

I managed to change top bar color and the text color and “wrapper” color using CSS(see attached image) 

BUT, I was struggling to change the text where it says “ILT” to something like “Instructor led classes” for example. 

If I use CSS to hide or disable the whole tab it creates other problems… :( 

I tried the Docebo Localization tool but no luck there. 

Any help will be appreciated.

thanks a lot!! 




Best answer by Chelsy Koshy 17 May 2023, 16:35

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6 replies

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@NadavSH You should be able to accomplish that using the Localization tool. To find it, navigate to the Standard module and look for the Key labeled as ILT. By modifying this standard text, you can change it from "ILT" to something like "Instructor led classes." Keep in mind that this change will likely apply throughout the platform wherever the standard text "ILT" appears.


Hey Chelsy, thanks for the quick response 😀

As mentioned I tried already with the localization tool and it didn’t work. Did you try it and managed to change the task list tab title ? 

If yes would love to hear what I’m missing here. 


thanks again, 


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@NadavSH  - Indeed, I successfully modified the text using the localization tool. As previously stated, I made changes to the key identified as ILT within the Standard module, replacing it with "Instructor led classes." Attached is a screenshot displaying the updated text.



Nice! thanks I’ll give it another go, when I changed it nothing happens. 

Maybe I changed the wrong one. 


Thanks a lot! 


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@NadavSH It should work. If the task list widget still doesn't update, try clearing the cache of your browser.

Thanks again, wasn’t a cache issue, a rookie mistake 😶 . .I edited the “wrong” English ..