Increasing number of cards allowed for Catalog (stream option) widget

  • 28 September 2021
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We really want to be able to use the the stream presentation of the catalog widget, but we have more than 24 catalog items. Is there a way to increase the number of displayed cards? I’d love not to have to make another catalog or have to use another display just because of an arbitrary number.

thx in advance

4 replies


Thought this would be an easy low-hanging fruit for someone to quick diagnose for me…



Does an admin or product expert try to address these questions if none of the “community” can?

Am I better off opening a Support ticket?

@roxyharper I checked everything I could think of and I don’t see of a way to increase the stream to more than 24 cards. The learner would be able to see all of the courses in the catalog by clicking on the title of the catalog which opens a full page view without any additional work on your end, but from the stream view it does seem limited to the 24 cards. 

If the Docebian’s haven’t replied here yet it may be worth putting in a ticket through support. I don’t see this as an idea in the idea portal yet either if you wanted to add it there and see if others have a similar need. 

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I don’t believe you will be able to increase this but @Adam Ballhaussen do you have any ideas? My next suggestion would be to be sure that you are submitting this as an “idea” in the portal, then post your URL out here and we will all help you vote for it!