Need a hand - Checklists VOTE this one up.

  • 13 September 2021
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Every now and then, we need to rally some votes for each other….if I can encourage people to take a look at this one?

I would highly appreciate it:

The idea is to have a grid question type with checklists - essentially being able to take multiple choice multiselect and lay it out in a row not vertically is important in my business…something like what is being shown in this image….


A key is provided above in the beginning of the checklist….to explain what 1...2...3 mean to the observer.

This layout can be effectively a great gamechanger for us and OTJ checklists...that is the only reason why I am asking you all to vote this up….

1 reply

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Heck ya….seems like a no-brainer to me. I have not worked with checklists yet in Docebo but have with other LMS platforms and this seems like the standard fare. 

Perhaps Docebo, you all can create checklist types and allow the users to select what type of checklist they have. Instead of waiting for us to submit an idea...take this one and solicit ideas from the community what they would like when it comes to checklists. Be proactive and not reactive. :)