Tell me about this LTI .

  • 29 September 2021
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Hi. Long time, first time. Can someone give me a dumb’ed down’ed version of this so-called LTI ? Maybe a simple Use Case or a couple harder ones?


I am trying my hardest to get through:


I see Tool Consumer and Tool Provider, but : WHAT IS A TOOL? - is that even the correct question to ask?? “Instructors and students navigate into the learning applications by”  So. It’s like an external application on a computer right? So we’re (hypothetically) opening MS Word (an external application) to use a .docx ? MMM… that doesn’t sound right.


So again I seek <INPUT> . Are LTIs like SCORM/AICC/xAPI but for other types of files? Are YOU utilizing LTI? What are they? How are they? What are they used form. What makes them great/suck??


I humbly await clarity. Thanks!


4 replies

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Ok - I am game - but there are things that describe it much better than I can.

What leverages LTI? LinkedIn Learning is one of those systems. As well as H5P.

The highlight reel is you will build a training material that will typically link elsewhere and set some parameters of how to handle scoring.

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Oh and key benefits? Well letting people consume content where they are used to consuming it from…again the LinkedIn Learning example.

I have heard at times that LTI communications can get a bit dicey…but that is true with AICC today as well. Skinny SCOs are promising in this space…but high level? Once your LMS is listening to another system for a course completion? I think it is important to realize that server A at times will miss talking to server B (Docebo) typically because the human in the middle moves away from the ideal state of a stable internet connection….and communications…become dicey at best.

Best practice with these external communicator courses? Is to tell a person that the course is ideally played at a workstation with a modern browser as a requirement…

We are trying to get the following: user is in Docebo, and we display to them in a window inside Docebo the quiz hosted elsewhere. 

Our issue : the LTI version that docebo offers is an outdated and flawed (security-wise) version. LTI 1.1 is not the standard any more, now it should be LTI 1. 3. So our very state-of-the-art exam platform (cirrus assessments) is not using LTI 1.1. - only 1. 3. 

We are looking at finding another exam platform, but the ones that use LTI 1.1 are, well… not very state-of-the-art. 



@Mireille Dode have you submitted a feature request for Docebo to update their LTI to accept 1.3?