ILT with Post activity - CE tied to session date

  • 5 October 2021
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Issue: We are trying to find a solution to blocking training material (post assessment & evaluation) on an ILT which has multiple sessions & events & learners only have to attend one session/event - so the training material will be opened at different times.

Description: We have an ILT as part of a learning plan and due to accreditation reasons, we need to have:

  • Training material (post assessment & evaluation) as part of the “live” completion.
  • Submission date to accreditation body must reflect participation date (event) 
    • (we will be using APIs to submit to accreditation body)

For our clients that only host one session/event at a time, they would be able to use the “Hidden” feature in the ILT training material. Then unhide after the learners have attended & are marked attended.

However, we have clients that will be hosting several events (learners only have to attend one event) and these events can be across the country with different instructors.

  • Example: Client can host an ILT, but will schedule sessions / events that could be on the same day but in multiple states AND multiple days in multiple states AND
  • These sessions / events will be able to have instructors (who could in theory mark attendance)
    • An instructor can mark attendance, but they can they mark an activity as complete without having a Power User profile?
  • Because we are capturing the enrollments in our AMS, we will not be having the Power User create multiple ILTs, as that will affect the Learning Plans.

Since we cannot put training material specific to a session or an event, then does anyone have a way to lock down the training material (content) until after someone actually attends the event? 

Thank you in advance - I hope you can follow this.

2 replies

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We have a similar requirement. I added it to the list of Ideas as LMS-I-4911 (

While it didn’t get many votes, in the response, there are some suggestions for possible workarounds provided by Docebo’s product team.

Thank you Alex, I looked at your idea and what the administrator suggested and that will not work for us either.  I did vote on your idea though.