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  • 10 May 2021
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The slide converter is one of those undervalued option in the LMS. I use it all the time, especially when different departments needs to add something in Docebo. A suggestion, we are still missing the chance to add links to the slides.


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That’s a pretty good suggestion. I remember I’ve asked Docebo support about it some time ago and I think their response was that they are considering it.

Anyway, I’ve just checked Docebo’s idea portal and it seems that this idea is currenty being reviewed by a Product Owner. For those interested, maybe we could “boost” the numbers up a bit and vote on it? Not sure if links to ideas portal work but here goes (if it’s not working it’s quite easy to find by typing in search “slides converter”):

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@Salvo Thanks for mentioning this. I haven’t really done anything with the slide converter but I can see a few use cases here. I am going to give it a go. I’ll keep in mind that you can’t put in links. If you need to turn slides into course content, this seems really nifty. Another thought here, if you don’t need it for an actual course, but just want to share it as content, we put all our powerpoints into Google Slides and then upload it as content. Google Slides in Docebo has more advantages than Google Docs. You can print it and download it for one which is huge for us. Having discovered this, we are converting all of Google Docs over to Google Slides because our content has to be printable for teachers to use in the classroom. 

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@Cindy McElhinney I’d love to know more about how you integrate Google Slides as course content. I’m still in my initial setup pre-launch but was just using Slides Converter. Our users are also school district professionals (just not teachers) but with so many districts being Google-centric, it might be helpful for my use case to explore this route. Thanks!!

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@rwolz Thanks for the inquiry into what we are doing here at Wings for Kids. So we are not using Google Slides as course content but we do use it for all other types of uploaded content. If it’s helpful for some, I’ll provide some backstory here so everyone can see the pros/cons of the different options for uploaded content. (For context, some of our uploaded content includes lesson plans for the classroom and other resources such as games and activities. Our users need to be able to download and print the lesson plans or games.)

  1. We ported over all our Word Documents to Google Docs for obvious reasons. Originally we tried uploading as a Google Doc but the teacher couldn’t download or print or access the Google Doc so that was a disappointing “no-go.”
  2. We then uploaded them all as PDFs so teacher could download and print but that was a huge pain when we needed to change/tweak the document as we had to save it as a new pdf and then update/replace the pdf in the uploaded content in the LMS.
  3. To my surprise, I discovered that when you upload Google Slides, the user has many options that include downloading, opening, or printing. The user of course only has “view” rights to the Google Slides if they open the file. We implemented a file naming convention to help guide the user; for example: “Lesson 1 GrK-1—COPY, PRINT, or DOWNLOAD to Use”. Now the user can even make a copy of the document and tweak how they see fit for their class. Of course we then had to convert all our Google Docs over to Google Slides and that was tedious and time consuming but we finally have a pretty great solution for all. 

I have attached two screen shots so you can see what I am talking about. First screen shows what the content looks like when it’s a Google Doc. As you see no options to download or print. The second screen shot is the Google Slide view of the content. (I don’t like the black background but I guess you can’t have everything:wink:) I am hoping someday that Docebo can integrate download, print or open functions when sharing Google Docs as well.

Sorry for the length. Hope this was helpful to you, @rwolz or someone out there:sunglasses:

Screen 1 Google Doc View/Screen 2 Google Slides View