Course with self enrollment only for members of few branches

  • 24 January 2023
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Dear fellow community members,

I need to create a course with self enrollment, but this course should only be visible to a few branches of my company, so that only employee of those branches can enroll.

Did anyone of you ever managed this?

Thanks in advance for your reply




6 replies

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Hi Stefano,

you can achieve that by creating a catalog, include the courses there and then place the catalog in a page where your users have access to.


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When we have a course like this, we just provide a deep link to the course for those individuals who need to take it..

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As @Rosalie says catalogues have two variables that are important here: 1. courses and 2. branch/group visibility. 

That lets you specify which branches ( or groups or users) can see the courses in that catalogue when they browse or search .


there’s also the course option to set:



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Have you thought about just sending out the Enrolment link? or, if you have Subscription Codes app enabled, you can also use the one-time code you can share with the users.

If you know the target group, is there a reason you want them to self-enrol? and not enrolled by the admin?

Thanks for all yuor replies, both helpful.

I think we’ll prefer the Catalog option, but also the specific link is useful for other works we are going to deliver.

Thank you all


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Often will use the enrollment link, but on a custom page like a home page for that group, so might have some info on the course, and then when they click the link to join it enrolls successfully without having to manage getting them the link somehow too.