Groups - Who isn't in one, and who is in too many!

  • 23 November 2022
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Hi all,


I’ve got a massive mandatory testing rollout coming up - one of the modules going out is SM&CR and our compliance function have split the module into several different versions, dependent on job role and SM&CR level.


Some of these versions are difficult to organise for as they apply to multiple different users with different job titles, branches, departments etc. and the easiest way I could think of organising it all is by setting up a different group for each version (some with quite complicated assignment rules - manual assignment was a no-go, we just have too many people working for our company!)


Long story short - is there a easy(ish) way to check:

  1. If there are any people in my user list who don’t belong to one of these groups, and
  2. If there are any people who appear in more than one of these groups (due to accidental crossover of assignment rules etc.)


Thanks as always for any help you can provide :)


4 replies

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Short of using the filters under user management to compare to your group exports, I'm not sure there is an easier way to get this done. There is no report that shows what group(s) a user is part of as far as I know.

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Yeah, like @lrnlab said, there's no easy way to do this. Had to do a similar one a while back and used a combo of the all user report and a bunch of API calls, basically using the API to find the current users in the groups, did a comparison of those results to find duplicates. Then merged those lists together, eliminated duplicates, and did a lookup against the all users list to mark those that exist, and sort/filter those that were not in any. Got most of that automated so it was not a big deal, but could see that coming down to a few manual steps too if really needed. Probably comes down to:

  1. How many groups are you talking about?
  2. How often do you need to do this?
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Thanks both for the answers, it was as I thought that it would largely be a manual process. It would be great to have a report showing list membership, I’ll see if anyone else has requested this…


I have 10 groups set up across hundreds of employees for each different module but fortunately I only need to do this once (until some point again next year at least). For this run I’ll try the export/remove duplicate method, I don’t think there will be many (if any) to be honest, it was more for my own reassurance!


Many thanks,


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Ah, ok, once a year and for 10 groups is not that bad, prob under an hour of manual merging and sorting of the group reports, good luck!