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  • 23 September 2022
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In order to capture the audience, and all the metrics needed for our ILT courses, we’d like a shareable registration link for each of our ILT sessions. Currently, folks can share the zoom link and content, outside of the LMS, thus circumventing the system and not allowing us to count them as a trained individual. For Docebo, this is reducing the number of active users/month - something that may have an impact on revenue.

1 reply

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are you proposing an idea here? you might want to format it and post it as an idea instead of a question so that you can get votes and have the proper product manger check it out. 

mic you don’t share the zoom info, and only the session link to force them through docebo it works pretty well. no matter what if you’re using a third party system someone will eventually be able to access it and send it around, so we use the fact that they won’t get credit for attending if they don’t come through docebo to force the behavior. 

Isn’t a registration link essentially just the course link or current session link and then they just select the session to enroll in? Not sure what is missing here?