Is there any way to set branch variables?

  • 28 July 2022
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I’d like to include some branch variables for subtenancy to make easier groups. I have 560 branches and climbing (association member companies) so the 20 branches per rule in groups is an issue obviously.


First would be “enterprise” membership - done at a branch level, this is our “plus” subscriber tier

Second would be “luxury” members - again at branch level, this is a tier that gets access to luxury courses in the luxury channel

Third would be domains - I allow free self-registration restricted by domains, currently I have a tiny text box holding 700 URLs which is a bit unwieldy and will become a management issue.

5 replies

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Perhaps an automation is the way?


I could create Enterprise and Luxury user-additional-fields and apply “yes” as appropriate to all users based on their branches.

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I think automation is the solution here. You can’t associate a custom field to the branch level as far as I know. You can make it visible to specific branches, but that’s not what you’re describing.

Sounds like you need 2 user additional fields. Tier and Domain. Then you automate filling them in for new users in that branch.

So custom Additional Attributes can be defined at the Branch level?  I thought they can only be associated at the User level?

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It looks like they’re user-level only, aside from branch code.

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Connecting some dots between threads. If you want the ability to set up inheritance from branch level to users, vote for the idea: