Learner Has Yet to Complete a Course - couple Qs

  • 23 September 2022
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@erin.brisson answered a general Q to clarify that this course notif logic be design excludes learners in Completed status. (A side ask is please update the KB article and i think the notif grid chart pdf which has unclear wording, something like “assuming they haven’t completed” which is what prompted my Q to Erin).

This is a follow-up set of Qs when wanting to send the notif to a user’s manager.

When considering using this to send to “Manager”, it’s unclear whether or how to include short codes to display the manager’s name in the greeting and the learner’s username or first/last name. When sending to Manager, as the same shortcodes like “username”, or “first name/last name” the right ones to use? It kinda implies that would display the manager’s name. Or when used and sending to manager, the logic picks the user values for those codes?

Confusing UI and KB article or I missed it. I want to use two of the same notifications, one to learner and one to their manager. Review more below as needed in an example.

Example: Nudge notification sometime after enrollment, prior to due date (hard or soft deadline, doesn’t matter)...

Learner (user):

“Hi Grace (ie [first_name], the completion due date for “Workplace Communication Basics” (ie [course_name]) is coming up soon. Please complete this training asap before the due date.”


Next, a set of notifications (one to user, one to manager for each user past due), assume I send it 8 days after enrollment.


“Hi Grace, the completion due date for “Workplace Communication Basics” has passed. You completion is now past due. Your manager is receiving this notification as well to follow up with you to see if you need assistance to complete it. Please complete this course as soon as possible.”


Suppose Erin is Grace’s manager and has two other direct reports, Alex and Amanda, who also haven’t completed by day 8. Assuming I don’t care to use the digest version, I want Erin to receive three emails one each referencing Grace, Alex, and Amanda. 

Q1 - I don’t see ‘manager’ related short codes? How do I get Erin’s email greeting to be “Hi Erin...”

Q2 - How do I get the direct report’s name to display (Grace, Alex etc.), still simply using “username” or “first name” “last name”? It’s unclear. (PS: can someone clarify this in the KB article too)...

3 replies

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HI we found that more often than not the name short codes generate the user’s name and not that of the manager or instructor or PU, etc.

In these cases, we sue this format…


[first_name] [last_name] has completed [course_name]…


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Same as @lrnlab in ours.

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Concurred here as well.