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I have written an API to take the credentials from a CRM form and enrol the user in our platform and also enrol them into the correct learning plan. The issue is that no notification is automatically generated to notify the new user of their credentials in Docebo. If a new user is enrolled manually by the admin a notification is sent to the manually created user.  

Any ideas on a solution?


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HI @tomch are you asking about a notification for course enrolment or one that is sent to the user with their credentials? For the latter, the notification called, User has been created (by administrator), works well however it does not allow you to send the user thinner actual password. It can carry the username and the platform link but the user will need to use the Forgot Password option to set their password. Please note that that this only works when sent to end users but you can create different versions if you have sub domains or branches that required different working, branding, etc.

Hello. I am trying to get a notification sent to a user upon first user creation, which happens via the API.   As said earlier, if I manually enter the new user the User has been created (by administrator) works.  I did noticed embed code [password] (I think) that can send an email to a new user with a link to set the new password.  If I could only get the notification to send the email when a user has been created using an API.  I am not sure if there is an API in the Docebo API Explorer that triggers the notification.

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There is a “send user notification” api but you basically have to write the email yourself. Often the api does not trigger notification on certain actions, which I often prefer as we can then send our own custom email exactly how we want outside of the docebo system. 

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@tomch if you cannot get the API to work as you need it to, you can also use the manual method to send out those notifications. I have used this quite a bit and it works well.

On the User Management page, select the new user(s) and this will activate the “Choose Action” button on the bottom right. Then choose, Send Activation Notification.


Hello @lrnlab   It would seem that I need to configure my DKIM keys etc in our DNS as some users who are on emails like Gmail do not get the admin notification.  The Send activation notification does work for some accounts but not all.  Work needs to be done for our DNS to recognize all email domains that we are trying to send to.



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yes DKIM is a must these days. Once properly set-up it does seem to eliminate most common issues.