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Updating Learning Plans

  • 17 August 2023
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Hello Everyone,

Our organization uses learning plans and recently we’ve had to add a course to a learning plan but, once we completed the update the new course was then assigned to all users who were previously enrolled in the learning plan. Why has this happened? Does anyone have a workaround to prevent this in the future?

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Myla Pope


Best answer by Stephanie Dreiling 17 August 2023, 18:54

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No work around, huge pain point for us. I thought I had submitted that in the Ideas portal years ago, but can’t find it now.  Essentially, we have to create totally new learning plans if we need to make changes. We have simplified what we put into Learning Plans and added items to Channels (which has their own set of limitations) to work around. Also, when we make changes we try to keep course titles generic so if we need to up-date SCORM content we can “version” it using the CLOR. 

If you create a new idea for this be sure to link it here and I will happily upvote and share it with my staff to get it ever more votes!

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agree, LP are very basic and do not offer many options after they have been created. Adding to @Stephanie Dreiling note, those that were already complete still have the new courses assigned but still show as completed so that is also confusing for users.

Was hoping to see some LP improvements this year but am doubtful at this point...


What we have done is before we add the course(s), we unenroll everyone from the learning plan - keeping the courses that they have completed. Then we take out any courses if appropriate and add the courses as appropriate.  Unfortunately for us, as we create a learning plan for each of our partners can be close to 200, then we have to do this manually for each learning plan affected and reset the prerequistes.

Hope this is helpful - it is a lot of clicks, but it works.