What does this error message mean?

  • 22 September 2022
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One of our learners is getting this error after enrolling in one of our courses - it reads “We apologize, and error has occured. Error initializing the UI: media failed to load - no’media.error’ provided.”


I’m not sure if it’s a Docebo issue or maybe something to do with their computer? She seems to be the only one experiencing this issue.


6 replies

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Good evening - that doesnt look perdy - and it looks like it is a type of SCORM asset error.

A few questions for you:

  • can you reproduce the error with your account or a test account?
  • can you reproduce the error when you login as that user?
  • can you reproduce the error in another browser?
  • was the course recently overwritten in the CLOR?
    • If not? And you can? Can you reload the training material - and overwrite the asset?
  • if it was recently overwritten? This type of error may be coming along because your course has reached a type of logistical dead end and the manifest is “calling” to an asset that is now not available.
  • if you can reproduce it and you find that it is an error related to a single learner? Perhaps reset the persons training material progress?
  • If you are using something like Docebo Content (Go1) it is a little hard to tell? Maybe pop them a note of the error ASAP?
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OH! Last note - so I have found with Docebo Content (Go1 content) that it can be a uncommon but reproducible issue to load assets because there is alot of bringing in content from other spaces going on (iframing/embedding). We found that we had a firewall appliance acting pretty aggressively at a few sites. With that happening? It was blocking material and we had to develop a crazy “whitelist” to allow every domain that you can ever imagine (btw support can pass along to you all the urls that need to be whitelisted to support Docebo Content) so that the course could work.


I’m not able to reproduce the error with my test account and we now have 2 learners experiencing this issue. Not sure how to login as these users…

To my knowledge the course was not recently overwritten in the CLOR. I checked on it and everything looks the way it should. It is an embedded link however I think I’d be able to reproduce the issue if they’d change their sharing permissions or something.

If you have a resource to share on how to login as these users that would be super helpful!

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Just an FYI? You need to be a superadmin or a poweradmin with privileges to be able to do this. Once you are - you can do it by clicking on the ellipses on a user from the Users interface

And click on Log in as this user

Weirdly enough, it shows my manager that I am a superadmin, but I don’t have the option to login as this user. We’ve gotten a few more people experiencing this issue, but when my manager logs in as them, he doesn’t have the same issue. Could it have something to do with their computer or the software they’re using? The video is uploaded, not embedded, so shouldn’t be a whitelist issue.

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if they are a superadmin - you cannot login as them...but that should be about it.

If you suspect something is up with the account? Maybe (and I am thinking aloud).

  • Create a new user.
  • Merge the learning
  • Delete the old user.

I can only imagine someone is gonna shoot me for suggesting that….

@elliott.vickrey - what you think?