Course with self enrollment only for members of few branches

  • 24 January 2023
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Dear fellow community members,

I need to create a course with self enrollment, but this course should only be visible to a few branches of my company, so that only employee of those branches can enroll.

Did anyone of you ever managed this?

Thanks in advance for your reply




4 replies

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Hi Stefano,

you can achieve that by creating a catalog, include the courses there and then place the catalog in a page where your users have access to.


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When we have a course like this, we just provide a deep link to the course for those individuals who need to take it..

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As @Rosalie says catalogues have two variables that are important here: 1. courses and 2. branch/group visibility. 

That lets you specify which branches ( or groups or users) can see the courses in that catalogue when they browse or search .


there’s also the course option to set:



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Have you thought about just sending out the Enrolment link? or, if you have Subscription Codes app enabled, you can also use the one-time code you can share with the users.

If you know the target group, is there a reason you want them to self-enrol? and not enrolled by the admin?