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Expired users - best practices

  • 5 August 2022
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Are there best practices around keeping or deleting expired users? I read that all assets they have created will be deleted along with them, so obviously want to keep this in mind. What is the standard operating procedure for this?


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Hi @shona.dunn 

Check out this link, specifically the section on Status. I think it will answer your question:

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@shona.dunn Hi, Shona

We spend a lot of time ‘retiring’ accounts, and I found that there are a lot of things to consider.

  1. Move the retired account into a branch that is unrelated to any other, at the Docebo level. This helps with reporting, groups, enrollment rules, etc.
  2. Write all reports/groups to “exclude deactivated accounts”
  3. When I’m actually deactivating, I review the account for any additional fields that should be set to ‘blank’, set an expiration date, and set the status to ‘deactivate’
  4. You may find that an additional field “Notes” is helpful if you want to track the reason.
  5. Any Power Users are changed to User;  Direct managers are usually removed as well.
  6. I typically unenroll them from In Progress, or Enrolled courses/Learning Plans, but not from Completed
  7. Lastly, I make certain that they get deactivated in any other related application, or any other credentials that they were issued after they completed training. (Our LMS is their first step to working work our company, so if they leave the LMS, then all other accesses must also be disabled.)

We don’t delete accounts as they are our paper trail for what that person was told, and when they were told it. Just in case it comes up in litigation sometime in the future.

Hope that helps.  Interested to hear what others have to say on the topic.

We make users “inactive” if they have an assets attached to them.  This way we have a record.  Hope this helps.



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@shona.dunn - it is always best to deactivate versus delete if your system is going to be used to support audits.

A further bit of advice? In the space of learning management? Everything has a lifecycle to it. It may make sense to hold onto a lifecycle document explaining the statuses that you are parking things at - for users, learning objects, groups, the gambit.

Delete maybe useful if you are bringing in users that have no learning history and never logged in.

But that is about it...deleting anyone else will very quickly sneak up on you.

And when it comes to courses - really dont delete them...retire them instead.

@NateC is spot on for the rest.


Thank you community...super helpful and exactly what I wanted to know!