• 21 July 2022
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For our platform, we have a Question Of The Week and we have quarterly contests, which is 13 courses/questions. The Docebo contest widget limits us to ten courses. Has anyone else figured out a way to get past 10 courses?

3 replies

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Hello @sigamoline - Great question, I would be interested in knowing that as well.

We are getting ready to launch our Gamification officially, any best practices you could share? Thank you! - Danielle

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@sigamoline we’re trying to get contests going on our platform and are finding the options currently available very limiting :( Can I ask for some more detail on what you guys have been doing? For “Question of the Week” what do you do for that, is it a quiz your learners have to complete? We’d probably look at doing something quarterly as well, just not sure what yet.

Hi @DRamirez and @JEntis - 

I work with Siga. Every Wednesday we publish a one question, E-Learning course and un-publish the question from the previous week. Questions are taken from other courses already on the platform. Users can only answer the question once. The Question of the Week (QotW) is almost always the most popular course and it has a strong weekly user following. We also award a 2-point badge if the user answers the question correctly.

Coincidentally, we use our QotWs in our contests. Usually, we assign the new QotW to the contest right before publishing the course. Our contests usually go like “Answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly to be entered into a drawing to win a gift card/company apparel/messenger bag.” Everyone who answers at least 8 questions correctly is also awarded a 20-point badge.

I wish there was a way to remove the ranking system because that has caused some confusion among our users. Users are able to see they have answered the same amount of questions as other people, but for some reason, they have a lower ranking. Also, in order to create the contest a user reward has to be chosen for Rank 1. For our contests, we have multiple people who should be in Rank 1. Which is why we have to then run a report.

After the contest is over, we run a report to see how many people answered at least 8 questions correctly and manually assign a 20-point badge to those that did. It’s not a complicated process, but it is tedious and would be unnecessary if there was more flexibility in the contest creation.

We also send out an eblast every time the new QotW is published. And, if we are running a contest, we include contest details in every QotW eblast. We have definitely seen an increase in engagement during a contest. There is also a good dip in QotW engagement when an eblast has not been sent out. We also include a link to the current QotW and a link to the course the question was taken from to help them answer the QotW correctly.