Robotic Process Automation for Calendar and ILT Creation: Help me brainstorm a $100,000 problem

  • 19 March 2023
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My power-user external clients are less than thrilled with two items:


  1. calendar - they want one calendar view that shows available AND enrolled courses, and let’s users directly enroll or unenroll from the calendar. This looks like a massive dev cost for us potentially. 
  2. ILT creation - pretty cumbersome. Cheaper dev cost to fix this.

for both of these I’ve been looking at API work that’s all pre-written in code. I’m wondering if I’m looking at this wrong.


could I maybe use RPA (robotic process automation) instead, and have users enter requests that are handled by clicking and typing by RPA? This would get rid of any need for API calls, and would allow me to perform actions not supported by the API  


has anyone gone down this route (RPA) and have possible advice for me from lessons you learned even if you did not complete your RPA project?


technically RPA is not generative AI but I thought this was the closest fit  

2 replies

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@lrodman ILT Creation could be improved with something like a google form and and some piece of middleware like docebo connect or zapier. 

For the calendar solution who is the audience for the calendar? The users who need to enroll?

Do all of these users log into some other system like a company intranet that perhaps they have to sign in to before they’re able to login to your LMS?

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Agree with the above, and both cases have created workarounds already that sound exactly aligned to what you are describing. Would highly not recommend using RPA except for a last resort for these types of things. Examples of most of mine are in the API article series if you are interested.