Docebo Plus ELB Learning

  • 24 March 2023
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I was just reading this article and was curious if anyone knew anything more about what this will actually look like.


3 replies

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Hi @gstager , thanks for your interest in the partnership! We’re pretty excited about it since ELB Learning compliments the Docebo platform so nicely by offering content strategy services, custom course development, and immersive authoring tools (including for VR, gamification and rapid course development - which integrate nicely with Docebo!) You can check out a little more here, including what some of our integrations look like. Let us know if you have any more questions!



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Just wondering if anyone has implemented VR training in Docebo either through ELB or another platform. It’s something we’re thinking about possibly implementing in the future, so it would be great to hear your thoughts on how effective it is and how smooth the integration is with Docebo.

CenarioVR works seamless with Docebo. If your interested in learning more, feel free to schedule a time that works for you.