Two Criteria for Finishing a Session

  • 9 February 2024
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Hello, Fellow Docebeans,


First time post with a question for the community.  We have been using Docebo to power our learning platform for a few months now and are happily growing into our new system.  We predominantly run multiple sessions of the same course and a single learner will only take each course once.  Upon completion of the session, the learner receives a certificate of completion.

What is the best way to set two criteria for completing the session?  We would like to ensure that all learners are attending each event, as well as completing all training materials.


Thank you all in advance for your advice,


3 replies

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@Kevin.Orosz Hi, Kevin

What kind of criteria are you thinking of using? Just attendance, or attendance + an e-learning course?

Thank you for your reply.


We currently have session completion set to Attendance Base but would also like to ensure that learners complete all training materials before the course is completed.  This is for instructor-led, live courses.

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@Kevin.OroszSounds like you have multiple training materials inside your course shell? If yes, I’d edit each of those to define pre-reqs and end object.

Then, if the course is also assigned to the ILT session, I think you might get what you’re after. The session would be completed based on the attendance, but the course would be completed based on the training materials. I might be expecting too much sophistication in the platform with this suggestion, but I’d try it (in a testing situation, obviously).

Would love to hear if this works.