Group Request - Colorado User Group

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Colorado User Group

  1. What would you like to name the group? Colorado User Group
  2. Who would this group be for? Docebo admins who are located in Colorado. This group would be used to network, share best-practices, and share workaround solutions during in-person quarterly meetings. We could start with virtual meetings until restrictions are completely lifted, then move to in-person.
  3. How would individuals benefit from this group? As wonderful as virtual meetings and emails are, nothing can really replace face-to-face interaction. This would also be a wonderful way to network with other companies who use Docebo within Colorado and to learn from one another. I participated in something similar with a different LMS and it was wonderful!
  4. What sort of topics would you like to cover in this group? During the user group meetings, the alternating meeting host will coordinate the meeting logistics. We will have 1-2 customers share best-practices/tips & tricks/custom workaround solutions/system knowledge/etc., then host a Q&A session. Outside of the quarterly meeting, we could share these things within the community and host casual meetups to discuss select features over a beverage.
  5. Would you be willing to serve as a group owner? Yes, unless someone else is interested.


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@dzwygart and @twiggin-fausnaugh tagging you here for visibility. Be sure to comment your support for this group here so that we can accurately monitor interest!


Thanks for kicking off this request @LMSica 

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I’m interested in participating. I’ve used Docebo for years, but haven’t kept up with the enhancements. 

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@DeborahDeLue Would you be interested?

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Yes, I’d be interested in join the Colorado users group. Let me know how I can sign up.

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I’d be interested in this as well. From the Denver-metro area.


I’d be interested in joining a Colorado user group.

I am interested as well!