Minneapolis/ MN User Group Request

  • 13 July 2023
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Looking for other L&D professionals who would like to form a Docebo User Group in the Minneapolis & surrounding areas. If your department is anything like mine, it’s small but mighty! Budgets are tight, resources are limited…so let’s share what we know and benefit as a whole! 😊


My Proposal

  • What would you like to name the group? Docebo Minneapolis User Group
  • Who would this group be for? Docebo users in the Minneapolis & surrounding area(s)
  • How would individuals benefit from this group? In person discussion, collaboration, problem solving, knowledge sharing, etc. 
  • What sort of topics would you like to cover in this group? Open to the group, but I would imagine we would break it down by Products/ Modules, Docebo Release(s), Docebo Roadmap, Beta Testing, Open discussion, etc. 
  • Would you be willing to serve as a group owner? Yes, but would prefer a co-ownership so it doesn’t fall to one person to drive. 


Please let me know if you are interested & where you are located.

Jeanette (south of the river)

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This would be the closest to me. I am not in Minnesota but just 2 hours away from the Twin Cities on the Wisconsin side.