Multi-language Docebo Implementations User Group

  • 11 November 2022
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  1. What would you like to name the group? Multi-language Docebo Implementations User Group
  2. Who would this group be for? Docebo admins with multi-language Docebo implementations (and those who are multilanguage-curious)
  3. How would individuals benefit from this group? Network with other companies who use Docebo in multiple languages to learn from one another. 
  4. What sort of topics would you like to cover in this group? Best practices, Q&A, show and tell etc. Open to ideas.
  5. Would you be willing to serve as a group owner? Yes, unless someone else is interested.
  6. Template shamelessly stolen from Colorado User Group, hope they don’t mind!
  7. Open to all

6 replies

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@lrodman Count me in!


Count me in, too

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I’m in.


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Me and @FionaR too, we fit under the “multilanguage-curious” description 😀

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Count me in!