Can I create hover-over popups for the full-width calendar (my-calendar OR catalog-calendar) with CSS?

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Could I use CSS to create hoverovers for the calendar, so users wouldn’t have to click an event to see details?


I assume not but figured I’d try. See below.


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Couple thoughts without looking, but just generally with CSS and how Docebo tends to operate:

  1. If you did something like modify the class that keeps the popups hidden right now, it would apply to them all, so all would be shown which I don’t think you’d like.
  2. There’s also a high likelihood that the structure of those popups gets generated on the selection event, so they don’t even exist in the DOM until after the interaction happens, which requires scripting to get around, which is not a a great supported thing within Docebo, I know there’s a few folks who have unsanctioned methods of doing it.

Hit so many barriers on the built in calendar thing that basically consider it unusable in current form to me right now and we built a custom one powered by reports for now.

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I find my personal calendar has popups but the catalog courses calendar does not. Would be great if it did. I have not modified any CSS.