Can this course layout be achieved?

  • 4 April 2022
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Hello all!


I am new to Docebo and am looking to put together a site similar to the design attached.  I’m looking to have the five main categories at the top.  When you click on a category like ‘Technology’ for example, it would then take you to a page where you would be able to select from ‘Technology’ topics, and then clicking on a topic would take you to a page with the actual courses.  So the route a user could take would be


Course Page→ Technology Page → Technology Topic Page → Technology Course.


Based off the screen shot of my mockup, would this be do-able and if so what would be the best route?  I was playing around with the Categories widget, but it would just show the courses within that Category.  Is there a widget that would display the five categories in a row like I have here, or would that be best handled with custom html and css?


Thanks for any advice!




3 replies

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Forgive my asking but was there nothing useful in the original thread?

If I am not mistaken, I believe one of the suggestions was to do exactly what you are asking.

I think the WYSIWYG / HTML widget will be your route to display your five images for the categories and then link them to the appropriate pages as Docebo widgets only will divide as small as 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 and get you three across at best.

Perhaps @Neil Patterson can expand further as it was his idea.

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Oh yes sorry I should have continued there.  Thought it might be easier to have a second thread for this design.  I will move back over to the original thread as Neil’s suggestion is pretty similar to what I am after.

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Could be wrong but those look like the custom box widgets in a three column layout on Neil’s. That would mean not possible to do the same to accomplish the 5 row you are looking for as Docebo only has up to the 3 column layout 

The closet ways to get to the Five you are looking for would not be using built in features, but you could do one column with an html widget and either iframe in the 5  from some other place, or build out a little page into the html widget directly to make five boxes. However, keep in mind in both approaches to design for multiple screen sizes with this as it will be a significant impact to those boxes.