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  • 13 January 2022
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Sorry for the terrible title!

We are working with a course description and have a problem with the spacing after a paragraph or heading.

Everyone thinks the spacing is not enough, but adding a return makes it too much.

We’d like to add a bit more space. I believe this is margin-bottom in css, but that does not seem to have any affect.

Any ideas?

3 replies

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Hi @wizenup if you are familiar with HTML (click the “< >” icon), you can add a break <br/> instead of a hard return...seems to condense it a bit

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I’ve tried <br> not <br />

When i save it changes <br/> back to <br> which doesn’t have the requisite spacing


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What if you went into the code editor as @lrnlab suggests and change your paragraph tags to header tags?





where they appear in your code. That should add a little padding around the text.

The text will change a bit as well to likely be a little bigger.

Would that provide the spacing you’re interested in?



You could also try this option, perhaps.