CSS Animation Idea Series

  • 1 February 2022
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As I have shared before - I have been more of a JavaScript guy and would have gladly put those skills to work in Docebo. Since that is not possible - it meant trying to make some things a bit more interesting with the use of CSS.

So that’s what I set out to do. I started out by sharing the blinking dot idea which caused me to sort of inspire myself - LOL - to put together a little series of ideas that hopefully helps lessen the learning curve and inspires some of you to dig in as well. I am an advocate of lifelong learning so don’t be surprised to hear me attempt to encourage you all to keep pushing that envelope. This would be one such attempt. If I can do it - so can you!

These ideas are not polished products but basically just ideas in their raw form to help others see some possibilities. The exact code I used is provided in every example for both the CSS and HTML portions of the ideas. Take them and tweak them. Mix them together. Make them your own. I did not do extensive testing in multiple browsers or anything like that so if you desire to use one of these ideas in your own platform - be sure to take a moment and be a bit more thorough.

I thought it might be nice to reference them together in one post to help others find them.

I would be happy to help answer any questions about these ideas and would love to see any ways that you have used them or might like to use them.

Hopefully these are helpful to someone.



3 replies

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These examples are great!! Thank you!

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👏 @gstager as always, this is incredible. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community!

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Just discovered this post but wanted to add on to the praise. Thanks so much for sharing this.