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  • 8 February 2023
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We just launched Docebo to our company and are now turning our mind to customizing the interface and menus to suit our culture and needs. I have found many CSS code chunks in various threads to do wonderful things like remove the multiple Start Now buttons and hide the Remove from Team feature. All of these have been accomplished using user-submitted CSS code. I’m curious if there is a library of user generated CSS tweaks anywhere we can access instead of trying to find code fixes through community searches.


4 replies

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This is a great idea! I’m a novice with CSS and it would be great to be able to refer to a library of options. 

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all you can find is in this discussion...various threads but no centralized library…

Keep in mind that Docebo does not guarantee the continued functionality of any custom CSS. I have seen some code just disappear at different points and sometimes new/updated code is needed...

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A github for Docebo CSS.

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This was the inspiration that started the CSS Configuration Wizard on Fark.Tools

The goal was to centralize, clean and safe solutions to make it easy to do the common items folks request.