CSS support in eliminating the "Arrow Share content" for members NOT experts in CHANNELS SECTION

  • 22 May 2024
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Hello Docebians!
This is me again...
Sorry to bother you again…

I'm working now on channels...
I know I can assign and allow experts to upload content.

However, IN THE CHANNELS SECTION is there a way to hide- with CSS- the arrow channel for members, not experts? Here this is what I mean.…



Once you click on the arrow, the menu appears



I want members not to see the arrow there -upload content-. Only the experts to see it.It's confusing for members

Thanks in advance

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2 replies

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Not a CSS expert but if you turn OFF the ability for anyone other than the experts to add content, maybe that hide the “share” arrow...You can turn it OFF on your pages and perhaps have a different menu for your experts where they can access the channel page with this option but have a cusotm page for your members where you turn it OFF...

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@lrnlab  Thanks

I have turned off the ability for anyone other than experts to add content. The images I posted are from a channel member only.