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Help! Can someone show me how to add an item to the admin gear menu with CSS?

  • 4 January 2023
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Hello and happy new year!


In order to let power users create courses AND run reports on my courses without being able to edit them, I have to use my-teams based reporting now for my power-users (unless someone has a workaround)


I would like to add to the admin gear menu, since my users keep looing for this “admin task” under the admin gear. Almost all users who have managees will be power users of some kind.


Can anyone help? Probably @bfarkas


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@lrodman - for your consideration - you probably have enough details for the role/groups to make a landing page/menu that points them to the special url(s). Generating a new landing page just for the role may be appropriate and could keep those folks from nosing around in places that may be a slippery slope.

I believe this is the approach that others take with Powerusers (creating a special dashboard type of landing/home page for them).

But I yield to others that have had success in this space.

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The powerusers are already used to using the admin gear, and I want to keep them in one place. They also all (so far) want their homepage to be the same as their users’, for troubleshooting etc.


These are not high tech powerusers. They find creating a single course with an mp4 challenging. I want to keep things simple as possible.


I could add a page to the hamburger, but there already is one…


Oh and if only I knew who was who. I permissioned based on the old system, but our data as to who is a manager and who isn’t is literal garbage over here. So that’s another reason to leave “power-users” with the same interface as everyone else - some shouldn’t be power-users.

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I have 5000 power users across 600 companies (branches).

Many no longer exist - some got fired, some retired, I assume some are deceased, that’s how bad our data is.

The good part is we use SSO so those retired, fired and dead people can’t get access.

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Well, unfortunately, CSS is not for semantic structure, or really content (I know we frequently abuse it for such around these parts) so while you can add content to the menu easy enough, it would not be a link as you have to add the html. Without a script to run to add it on load, not really a solvable route the way you are going. 

I would recommend @dklinger ‘s route as well, and think of it as an opportunity to better provide inline resources and descriptions for how to use things on the gear menu, i.e. add more menu deeplinks to the page but add documentation, videos, etc. to show directly how to use. It does not have to be their homepage, could just be a ‘Power User Toolbox’ page on their menu.