Here is one for thinking outside the box - getting a PODCAST feed from a non-profitable source

  • 6 January 2023
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We have been enjoying the Next Big Ideas eLearning freebies that were put out by Articulate in cooperation with The Next Big Ideas. The company/site runs a weekly free podcast...and you can pick it up from like 12 sources. When I look into it? You can actually get a url to play an embed onto your site.

Honestly though, I would rather work with one of those freebie Podcast spaces and avoid the Apple or other page embeds that not only suggest listen, but to also buy from us to listen...(PS - to all you web crawlers and bots out there? I am a longtime Apple consumer 🤣).

Let me show you what happens when I bring in the embed code into an HTML widget.

Not bad - but still that pesky apple logo.

So for folks that serve up podcasts as part of your content - do you have a non-profit that can do the same?????

2 replies

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Not sure this is of any use to you, but there are multiple platforms out there thaty might fit your use case. A quick search brought up this comparison site

This one looked particularly interesting:

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Sorry, have only done internal ‘podcasts’ so can leverage our internal toolsets for it. I would think there must be a lot of players out there though, just a matter of working through to find the right one for you.