Hide ability to invite all channel users to view asset

  • 6 November 2023
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Like a few others here, I’ve been concerned about the ability of users to invite an entire channel’s user base to view an asset, but seem to have found a CSS fix.


I’ve altered our language pack to remove any reference to inviting a channel, but the search box still returns channel results, e.g. if searching for someone called ‘Sofia’, typing ‘sof’ will autocomplete to our global ‘Soft Skills’ channels with thousands of users…





/* AM - Prevent invitations to all channel users */
.inviting-search-multiselect .text-basic-size:has(.additional-info){
display: none!important;
  • .inviting-search-multiselect being the search bar on the Invite pop-out
  • .text-basic-size being the individual search results
  • :has specifying only search results which also include the number of channel users (.additional-info)

This results in users still being selectable, but channels not!




3 replies

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Amazing! Thank you! Mind if I ask what you localized the language to be? I just removed all text and replaced it with a space, but I am not sure if you have a better option.

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Sure! I wanted users to still invite other users, just to remove any temptation to invite an entire channel. So...

  • Invite to watch > Invite to view (you don’t ‘watch’ formats like documents / links 😂)
  • Search for users or channels to invite > Search for users to invite
  • User or channel name > User name

The CSS above was just the final fix to remove any ability to still invite an entire channel by mistake.

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Thank you again!