Hide Gamification Icon using CSS

  • 26 October 2021
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Here’s a quick way to hide the gamification icon at the top level or by sib-domain:

.internal-header-gamification {

    visibility: hidden;

    width: 0.1;

    padding: 0;


3 replies


Thanks for the Reply. Where I can find the CSS. I am not able to do. Please help.

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@Sasikumaar do you mean where can you find the spot where you need to enter this code? If yes, it depends whether you want to hide at root level or at the sub domain level. 

Root domain changes:

Admin menu > Configure Branding & Look > Custom Styles


Sub domain changes (*changed inly for that sub domain) - for this to work only for the sub domain, DO NOT add at the root level:

Extended Enterprise > Manage > Choose sub domain to edit > click the ‘gear’ > select Configure Banding & Look (at the top right)


Hi Irnlab, 

It’s working fine. Thanks for the support