Novel use of a certificate - a form letter of certification

  • 9 January 2023
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Howdy folks as I have done my cycles with different learning systems, the Certificate tool is one that has always allowed for creativity. Beyond always needing a little bit of love whenever an org rebrands, it really allows for flexibility based on the customer requirements. And if you have the metadata stored? Then you were in business.

In certain situations, we have used the certificate to help drive business elsewhere, so we generated essentially a “letter of completion” - giving a person further instructions on what to do next in the process.

This was helpful when using the system for basic assessments and folks needed to complete a skill related portion of a training in front of a mentor/observer.

It always gets interesting with longer than expected names, but there are ways to work with that in HTML. Anywho, I can think of a few other fun things to do with it, because you could have some very interesting outcomes with a tool that is essentially an online “mail merge” related to a template., but I wanted to ask before I get too deep in experimentation - any maybe someone has tried this - has anyone attempted a “multi-page” certificate as of yet?

A problem that I used to have elsewhere was a little trickier...was the ability to have two versions of a certificate available for the same course. If a person took a course that was Continuing Education related and they went after CEs with one organization or another is where it was most relevant.

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Sounds like a fun thing to try!