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Please help me remove the ... (ellipsis) from content cards

  • 5 January 2023
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Thank you! I have increased the size of the text box to be longer, as seen, and I want to hide the ellipses (...’s) - but can’t find them!




Best answer by Bfarkas 6 January 2023, 01:37

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3 replies

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I think the easiest way here is to shorten your course names.

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Agreed, this feels like a script action happening to me, not sure you’d be able to overcorrect it because of that.

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So this was annoying me, I got this to work, not sure the other changes you made already though so may compound to not have this work. Also not sure of other impacts:

ui-card-formal-content ui-card .ui-card-title a {
overflow: revert;
word-break: revert;
display: revert;

The overflow takes care of the sizing for you so you shouldn’t need to size the box yourself.