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Rounding widget corners on two-thirds widgets

  • 14 July 2022
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We’re currently running some custom code to round the corners of widgets. It’s working for all full-size widgets and one-third sized widgets. However, it’s not working for two-thirds widgets -- I’m trying to upload a two-thirds banner and the sharp corners starkly contrast with all the rounded corners. 

Here’s the CSS we’re currently using to round the corners:

/* Make all widgets border rounded*/
.pages-widget-page .single-widget *:not(.title):not(.ui-carousel-title):not(.ui-text-link):not(.ui-card-title):not(.ui-typography-heading-5):not(.subtitle) {
border-radius: 10px;

Any thoughts? 


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3 replies

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Hello again! Please disregard. I was viewing the page from the Desktop Preview. When I pull up the published page outside of Manage Pages, it looks just fine. 

I don’t see an option to delete this question 😅

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@check - you can mark your note as the best answer.

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Thanks a lot for that @check , everything looks much better now