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We have custom CSS and it's messing with the information displayed when the Gamification icon is clicked

  • 6 November 2023
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OK, so all you CSS peeps out there...I have custom CSS that was created by people that are not me.  😀 

Working on turning on Gamification and the layout when a user clicks on the trophy icon is not working. I know it’s my custom CSS because if I remove all of it, it display correctly.

Can anyone help me determine what ‘stuff’ controls the Gamification displays? Image below is showing the issue… 




Best answer by Bfarkas 11 November 2023, 00:16

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Hmm, so since it’s custom interfering, a little tough to diagnose without the custom….generally I try to isolate done which part of the custom CSS is doing it, either by using the inspector tool, or just removing smaller chunks of the custom CSS until it is still ok, then try removing everything except the piece you think it is to make sure you see the problem.

If you post or private message the custom CSS happy to track it down too. Your custom probably just needs to be more specific than it is.