How to submit test/survey/poll answers via the API

  • 29 September 2023
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I’m trying to find a way to import responses into a survey/poll on behalf of a student using the API.  Let me explain why…

We want to make Docebo the central database of all training, including exams and course evaluations--even those that are completed outside the LMS.  In order to pull this off, I need to find a way to import question by question results into the LMS.  I suspect that the process to bring in course evaluations would be very similar to that of actual exams, and might be possible through what is documented here:

My problem is figuring out how to figure out the IDs of individual questions that are part of an exam or survey/poll.

For example, I can use this endpoint through the API Browser and pull back the info on one of my tests:


However, that doesn’t tell me the question-level info such as the question IDs.  Has anyone figured out how to retrieve those?  Even better, has anyone got working automation they can share for submitting test/survey/poll answers into Docebo though the API?




1 reply

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Following along as curious what folks might know.