Background jobs backlog - Is this affecting you?

  • 9 September 2021
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Since yesterday (Sept. 8), all our background jobs are stalled...Cannot import users, run reports, mass enrollments, etc. All seems to be ‘stuck’. We logged a ticket and it has been escalated, etc. 

Just wondering who else may be experiencing this issue and what if anything you are doing to mitigate this serious service issue.

We sent out an alert to all our PU’s to ask them to refrain from logging any new jobs and have aborted all current jobs. This will surely be frustrating for many and will cause some disruptions I’m sure.

Thanks all.

4 replies

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this was resolved by Sept. 10th…

Still interested to know if anyone did experience this outage and what, if anything, you were able to do to work around it. Thank you.

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Negative - we didnt detect anything in particular.

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I experiences the same as have submitted a support ticket this morning. Let see what they fiind

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