Gamification with Branches Rather than Users

  • 6 January 2022
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Hey! We are looking at launching a contest for our risk & compliance coursework. I haven’t used gamification outside of testing** 

Our Compliance team would love it if we could have leaderboards like highest # of courses completed by a specific branch, rather than a user. In the below diagram, we’d love to have a contest where currently we’d track top # of completions by division. Under each division, we’d have a winning office that gets some party or swag. Our organization has 900+ offices that we’d need to track. 


Our use case for branching is:

  • Top Corporate
    • Company 1
      • Corporate
        • NY
        • IL
        • AZ
      • Field
        • Division 1
          • Territory 1
            • Region 1
              • Office 1
              • O2
              • O3
            • R2
            • R3
          • T2
          • T3
        • D2
        • D3
    • Company 2
    • Company 3

Has anyone used gamification in any way outside of top user?

6 replies

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I am looking for the same thing. We would like to encourage some friendly competition between branches. A leaderboard that shows the branch rankings, not the user rankings.

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Like this idea as well, though a bit tricky cause if one branch may have bigger group of users than another. How do you even the chances? Cause more users can easily rack up more points / coins?

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@Bart_at_Yamaha Motor good point. There will be a max that each department can reach. So, I guess what we would actually need is a Percentage Based leaderboard.

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By any chance was there a solution to this @gfenton ?

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By any chance was there a solution to this @gfenton ?

Not that I’m aware of!

Is O.K. to submit this to Ideas?