Research activities update! Phase two is starting!

  • 22 May 2024
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Dear all,

My name is Emre, and I'm the UX Research Manager at Docebo. I would like to update you on the next phase of our research activities for this project. The product team has completed the initial research phase, which focused on identifying problems and limitations related to certification and retraining functionalities. It is important to highlight that the first phase of research provided us with valuable insights, allowing us to prioritize the functionalities that will bring the most value to our customers.

The next phase of research activities which are starting next week will focus on co-designing the user journeys for two specific use cases:

  • Certification creation journey for admins
  • Certification renewal journey for admins

With the help of our customers, we will map out the ideal 'To-Be' journeys. Following this, the design team will create early design concepts and prototypes based on these ideal user flows. These concepts and prototypes will be shared here in the PDG to gather your valuable feedback on our design approach.

Best regards,

5 replies

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looking forward to it...

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Can’t wait!!!


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Sounds great! @EmreA are you going to share the priorities with this group? 

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Sounds great! @EmreA are you going to share the priorities with this group? 

Hi Diane, 
We’re going to into the design phase after this and we’ll test the prioritised functionalities in the design phase where we’ll be conducting the design approach validation session. So for sure you’ll get a view of what is being prioritised. 

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@EmreA It has been a month, any update on when we will get a glimpse of the priorities being considered in this area? Renewals are a particular challenge that we really need help with. Leaving it up to the user to choose the right option is dicey at best.