Ability to combine all training undertaken (whether internal or external) in a report?

  • 7 February 2022
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Unless I am missing something, there is currently no easy way for a user to see all of their training in one place.  We do a lot of external training that users add themselves (for example attending relevant webinars, talks, reading material etc).  This is not controlled by us, and is a part of their CPD requirements to maintain their lawyer certificate.

When it comes to proving to the regulator all of the training they have undertaken, they have to ask us to pull a report off (which means pulling off an internal and external training report and combining them).  Which is hard work for 1000 odd people.

Short of using the APIs (we don’t have the skill currently to leverage these), is there another way a user can get their own as a report?

2 replies

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Hi Neil,

We’re currently implementing Docebo and have the same consideration. Did you end up finding a solution? 


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Hi @Neil Patterson 

At a user level, learners have the “My activities” section where they can see the courses per type and the status of each of them. 

  • Courses
  • Learning plans
  • ILT
  • External training

We have it in our main menu, or even in the profile widget

I hope this helps.