Additional Fields do not display under New Report but Displays under legacy Reports

  • 3 January 2023
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Additional Fields are not displaying under New Reports > Customer Reports area but they do display. I asked help desk two times now but no results in getting additional fields to display in the New Report area. 

6 replies

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What report are you looking at? I can see these fields under the New Reports just fine.

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Definitely sounds like a local instance gltich.

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Hi @kbarree, and thank you for reaching out! I’ve taken a look into your tickets, and I see that a support agent has identified the issue and a solution. That’s great news!

As this is a support issue, I’m converting this into a conversation.

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My issue was not resolved. We added custom Additional Fields that do not display for Power Users under the Power User Profile. The parameters were added to the profile. There are salesforce related fields that were added under additional fields.


None of the additional reports field

These fields do not appear for Power Users in New Reports > Custom Reports Builder > ReportName > View Options area. 


I attached the Profile Settings. 


Check out the what the Power User sees. Nothing under User Fields when generating a report. 


See attached. 


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This sounds like something I ran into!  Here is how I fixed it: 


Hopefully this helps for you. 

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Thank you all of your help! I appreciate the support!


Unfortunately, the fields are not showing up in the New Reports > Custom Reports Builder > NewReportName > View Options > User Fields. I think there is an issue with our environment.