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Assessment Images Error

  • 24 January 2023
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Hello Docebo Community,

Our team encountered an unexpected issue this morning and we were wondering if anyone has seen this before and / or if anyone has any idea as to root cause. 

As you’ll see in the screenshot below, the image associated with the question is presenting an error to the user. We were able to verify it is not a local issue and is experienced by multiple users.

We are attempting to re-upload / re-apply the images to correct the problem for now. 


Thanks ahead of time for any help or insight you can provide!




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that usually indicates a bad URL or something in the settings that prevents the image load. you might also check any company-wide browser settings if this affects many users

Thanks! I tried non company computers based on your advice, to no avail.

In investigating the image link in ‘inspect’ in chrome we received a 404 error. Our new theory is that the original account that owned the image & associated image repository may have been removed for some reason.

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hmm, yes there is a ‘thing’ about channel assets and deleted users where when a user who uploaded an asset has their account deleted, the asset is also deleted...could that be your case? We never delete users unless the account has never been used and it is a clear error/duplicate, etc. We tend to use the account expiration and eventually move those users in a separate branch in order to protect and asset. Hopefully it’s a simple as that cause I was not aware that deleting an account could also affect uploaded images used in courses (not in channels)

Agreed, Thanks for your help today. Yes, that’s where we ended up landing as well. As for steps forward that was my initial thought as well. Expire or at least change the password of former admins and / or create a single super admin account we use for this purpose to centralize our image database artificially.


Again, very much appreciate the assist and sounding board.