Auto-generated passwords

  • 13 January 2022
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Does anyone know if when importing users via the CSV option, can Docebo auto-generate passwords during that process? Or is this option only available when resetting individual passwords?

4 replies

Great question! I wonder if anyone has come across an answer to this. And I haven’t been able to find if you can assign a generic password during the CSV import/update option to new users? (i.e. during import assign say a standard password to all users as a baseline until we finalize our SSO)

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we use an excel formula to generate the passwords when producing the CSV file:

in the field where the password is to be set:



Hope this helps :)



@Gary Jarvis Thanks Gary, super helpful! Once created and imported via CSV, how are you letting your users know what that first randomized password is before they are prompted to change it?


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There are also many password generating tools available, some free some not, you can use.