Certification compliance courses

How to make the certification/compliance courses to re-appear on learners dashboard so they know they are expired and need to take them again after a year or two?


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Hi @Angie Pawlicki you cannot make courses disappear and reappear with current functionality...once a user is enrolled, they must stay enrolled to conserve their progress and history. That said, the new function called enrolment archiving will allow to ‘save’ the previous completion of course, archive it and re-enroll the user in the same with a new due date (if you are using the “days of validity” option)

We would like this information to be included i the Task list. 



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That's a fantastic suggestion! I've upvoted it. I believe, when a learner's certification expires, the status of the associated course will reset, and it will appear again on their task list or dashboard as a reminder. Also, you can leverage notifications to inform learners about the expiration and the need to retake the course.