Changing First Name Only - Data Feed

  • 31 January 2023
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Greetings, we have an individual who has a preferred name but has not yet changed it legally.  We auto-feed data from our HRIS where they have to keep the legal name.

My understanding is that when using the auto-feed with the overwrite feature if I change the name manually it will just be reverted back to what is in the data feed.

Is there a way for me to manually change the name without turning off the overwrite features we need to leave on for our auto-feed? 

3 replies

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if using the manual CSV import, you can import only the one field you want to update along with the username which is your primary key. Easy to control small changes this way.

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Thank you!  We are not using a manual upload we have a scheduled autofeed of our data every day that overwrites accounts to reflect appropriate changes. Because our HRIS has the individual’s legal name even if I change it manually it will revert back with each day’s data feed.

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Oh right, then you are stuck  with having to update your source data. Does your HR system have a similar process you can use?

We actually created an additional field to store the “legal name” or “AKA” If you load that field independently from the HR feed, you could retain control over it; or add this field in your HR system and add that to your HR connector output.