Changing Syllabus text in new player

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Hi all

In the new player the course syllabus displays down the left of the screen but each scorm module has the title and SCORM written underneath. Well none of users know what the hell SCORM is so I want to change it to read “Module”. I changed everything in the localisation tool I could find that had “SCORM” but it doesn’t update. 

Any of you clever people know how I can change this?


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That may be because we are still in preview mode?? Have you reached to support to ask?

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Hi Richard,

The title is held in the localisation tool. 2 issues to be aware of.

1 - you MUST log out and then back in to get the changes to display (or I needed to anyway).

2 - English or English UK. You should change the entry in both.

The entry is courseplayer SCORM SCORM. The dropdown can limit the list to courseplayer and the search box can filter scorm.

I found it while trying to change Video :)

Hope this helps.