"Contact Training" option from Docebo LMS

  • 18 August 2023
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Does anyone have a solution in which they allow their customer to contact their training operatiosn team from Docebo? Almost like creating a ticket.

7 replies

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If I understand your ask, you can create a simple Custom Content box widget and have it set-up to send an email. In the URL field, write it out like this:


just add, “mailto:” at the beginning of the email and this will launch an new message window addressed with the email.

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@gali.rotem Mailto: addresses are prone to spam attacks, so we don’t use them. i’m not sure how secure Docebo is against webcrawlers looking for “mailto:” infomation.

We do two things:

  1. Put our support email address in the footer of all of our pages
  2. For a specific use case of needing to change their username/email address, we have a Custom Content widget on the dashboard that connects to a survey so they can leave their updated email address. We dump the survey results periodically and update the accounts.
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This is internal, but we have a shared Outlook inbox that also use as the From: on all manual and automated emails from our LMS.

You can also edit your White Label setting to include a link to your email in the footer.

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Hi @gali.rotem,

Can you describe a little more? You can iframe in a simple form built via a form generator to help support reaching out to people and maintain a database (with a tool like jotform for example)


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We have an email inbox that all our Docebo notifications send from, so when a learner gets a course reminder email they can reply to that email and it comes to our inbox. That inbox is then integrated with Service Now to create a ticket out of the email. So if a learner responds to an email they got from Docebo about a course they’ve been assigned to, it will create a ticket for us in Service Now so we can respond there. 



I appreciate everyone's responses! Currently, we're utilizing the email address (training@cyberark.com) for all our communications. However, as we've observed, managing the inbox becomes quite challenging, especially with the high volume of users per month, especially when engaging in back-and-forth exchanges with users. We are considering transitioning to a case-based system, similar to ServiceNow or Salesforce, but have concerns about potential duplications arising from an email-to-case approach. We believe that providing users with a dedicated platform within our Learning Management System (LMS) to submit their questions would streamline our processes more effectively.

Does anyone use salesforce cases? Do you use email to case? Any other solution you would recommend? 


[PS: We currently have a team of four members dedicated to managing this process alongside other operational responsibilities].

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Hi @gali.rotem - I think it all comes down domains, what is available to ya, and how yawl wanna centralize/decentralize the solution to a problem with a process into a system.

I think it comes back to what you want to come back out of said system (so maybe start with the end in mind - what does success look like for your rollout?). Many CRMs and Ticketing platforms support similar metrics for the who (who is the ticket/incident/engagement with), age of the engagement, and category/routing based on key ways the detail was entered into the system. CRMs blend the revenue cycle in - and ticketing platforms...I am not too sure about that domain with them :).

I have had experiences with ticketing systems and standing them up - so I would personally go towards the service now space - only because I know about it.

Sorry about the one more bit of advice in “yoda speak”….these systems are all good only with all players bought into it. Like any system? Just getting everyone to be onboard with using it and to see the related benefits is going to be the lift. If the system stands the test of time? And isn’t deprecated because folks can't stand it - it shows how well it was initially implemented.

Good luck.